21MRZ 2019

10-year forecasts: our expectations for returns from the major asset classes

Our forecasts for the next ten years show returns from market indices will continue to undershoot investors’ expectations.



11JAN 2019


Why we see income opportunities emerging in Asian corporate bonds

Market turbulence has produced attractive income opportunities in Asian corporate bonds against a still positive economic backdrop in the region.

07JAN 2019


Quarterly markets review - Q4 2018

A look back on markets in Q4 when global equities suffered steep declines amid persistent worries over trade and economic growth.



28DEZ 2018


Ausblick 2019: Unternehmensanleihen

Die Bewertungen für Unternehmensanleihen sind attraktiver geworden und die Fundamentaldaten sind recht positiv. Es droht jedoch eine Phase des Übergangs, denn die Zentralbanken fahren ihre Unterstützung zurück und Staatsanleihen stellen inzwischen eine überzeugendere Alternative als in den Jahren zuvor dar.

19DEZ 2018


Why 2019 might be a better year for investors

After the disappointment of 2018, Chief Executive Peter Harrison rounds up the factors our fund managers think could lead to a brighter year ahead.

18DEZ 2018


Outlook 2019: Asian bonds

We expect that the US dollar’s strength should fade in 2019 as the pace of US rate hikes begins to slow, which will ease the pressure on Asian bonds next year.

16DEZ 2018


Outlook 2019: Global convertibles

Convertible bonds currently appear fairly defensive relative to history with valuations looking particularly attractive in Asia.

13DEZ 2018


Outlook 2019: Global credit

Valuations have become more attractive and fundamentals are reasonably positive. But a period of transition looms, with central bank support being withdrawn and government bonds now offering a more compelling alternative than they have in many years.