17OKT 2017


Where next for Japan as election looms?

With an upcoming general election and worries over growth, how do we view the Japanese market?

09OKT 2017


Will it be smooth sailing for markets until the end of the year?

At the latest Schroders Live event on 4 October, our panel looked at whether equities can sustain their stellar run in view of the coming reduction in central bank liquidity, geopolitical tensions, currency moves and stretched valuations.

06OKT 2017

Global Market Perspective

Global Market Perspective Q4 2017

Small caps, global liquidity, and seven-year returns are among the topics in the spotlight in the latest economic and asset allocation views covering Q4 2017.


11JUL 2017


20 years on: could the Asian financial crisis be repeated?

Matthew Dobbs, a veteran Asian fund manager, was in the eye of the storm in 1997. He examines why it happened and whether it could be repeated


01JUN 2017


60 seconds on the most predictable element of investing in Japan

Andrew Rose explains why the geopolitical backdrop should not distract investors from positive company-level changes in Japan.


18APR 2017


How currencies move stockmarkets

These charts illustrate how and why US, UK and Japanese stockmarkets are affected by currency swings.


16MRZ 2017


Dovish rate rise from the Fed while BoE and BoJ stand pat

Global central bank roundup: while the Federal Reserve moves towards normalisation of interest rates, it appears to remain a remote prospect for Japan and the UK.

08MRZ 2017


30-year asset class returns forecast: 2017 update

The Schroders Economics Group provides its annual update of its 30-year return forecasts for a range of asset classes. Equities remain the asset class offering the greatest potential for returns.


28FEB 2017


How exposed is the Japanese economy to possible US trade protectionism?

Japan may appear less exposed than some other countries to US trade risks but it would still be affected by anti-globalisation measures.

14FEB 2017


QuickView: Zusammentreffen von Trump und Abe positiv für Japan

Die Atmosphäre der Gespräche zwischen Shinzo Abe und Donald Trump schien freundlicher als erwartet – was die tatsächlichen Auseinandersetzungen wohl nur vertagt.