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12FEB 2019

Tobacco: profits and growth are hard to stub out

The market thinks regulation and declining usage will hit the sector hard,  and some tobacco giants are now priced at 20-year lows. But the market’s predicted the death of big tobacco before… and been wrong

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20JAN 2019



08JAN 2019

Weltweite Marktperspektive

Five key investment themes for 2019

Markets have entered 2019 in a state of heightened anxiety: these are the key factors on which concerns are now focused.

07JAN 2019

Weltweite Marktperspektive

January 2019: Market Review & Outlook

Investors’ fears centre upon a weakening US and global economy. While data suggests US growth may have peaked, we still expect global growth in 2019 of almost 3%



24DEZ 2018


December turmoil: what’s spooking global markets?

Equity markets worldwide are reacting to fears of a slowing global economy. But have they got ahead of themselves?


30OKT 2018


From synchronised growth to a fragmented and divergent world

World markets and economies, which at the start of the year were moving in tandem, are now going their separate ways

23OKT 2018

Weltweite Marktperspektive

Where in the world would you pay the least tax?

Few families emigrate for tax reasons, but tax regimes differ greatly by country - and it's factor that needs consideration

22OKT 2018


Countdown to Brexit: what we can expect in the next five months

Chief Investment Officer Caspar Rock looks at the challenges the UK faces as the date of withdrawal from the EU moves closer, along with the other issues facing the domestic and global economy

19OKT 2018


The world in three charts: ageing populations

With advances in healthcare, life expectancy has been steadily rising. In many regions this trend has been coupled with a fall in birth rates, resulting in a rapidly ageing population - and the financial burden that brings

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