A decade of objective-based investing

Solving a fundamental investment problem

A decade of invention

In 2008, Simon Doyle and Simon Stevenson set out to solve a fundamental investment problem, and launched one of the first objective-based, multi-asset funds in Australia. Designed to protect as well as to grow wealth and deliver income, the method has since been adopted around the world.

The pioneers of objective-based investing

"Our task was to solve an investment problem by doing something different with the methodology. If asset allocation is what ultimately drives returns and drives risk, then we need an approach to asset allocation that is forward looking and relevant over the timeframe that we’re investing."

When ‘defensive’ isn’t defensive enough

Simon Doyle flags the risks markets face right now: “As these dynamics change, as volatility inevitably starts to pick up, as the policy challenges start to become greater for policy makers and for investors, markets are going to start to move. Probably not up… probably down”. 

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