Stuart Dear

Deputy Head of Fixed Income


Fixed Income

14APR 2019

Timing the end of the US cycle

As the US Fed takes its foot off the rates pedal, the timing of the end of the US cycle remains uncertain. In this environment, preparing for opportunities later in 2019 is the objective.

Fixed Income

20FEB 2019



11JAN 2019

Fixed Income

US growth peaks – and more volatility to come

It is now when a defensive fixed income strategy becomes an important part of a broader portfolio.



12NOV 2018

Fixed Income

Fed tapping the brakes might help maintain US cycle

While Donald Trump complains that the Fed isn’t helping his economy, careful tightening now, including some equity market bumps, may prevent more damage later.


12OCT 2018

Fixed Income

The US now truly at late stage of cycle

With the prospect of inflation growing in the US and the Fed raising rates quicker than is expected, we believe the US is now in the late stage of its cycle. Although recession is still some way off, this is troubling for both bonds and riskier assets.


11SEP 2018

Fixed Income

Instability hasn't yet dented broader risk sentiment

The increase in instability — originating from the US Fed’s rates increase and volatility in Turkey and Argentina — hasn’t rattled broader risk sentiment, but as we disagree with the market’s position on the Fed’s rates outlook, we’re set up for a different future than most.

05SEP 2018

Videos: Fund Manager Q&As

Misplaced fears in defensive assets

In this short video, Stuart Dear explains why investor fears about the defensive nature of bonds are misplaced.

05SEP 2018

Videos: Fund Manager Q&As

There's value emerging in bonds

Stuart Dear, Deputy Head of Fixed Income at Schroders, believes that value in bonds has improved in both absolute and relative terms.


21AUG 2018

Videos: Webconferences

Fixed Income in today's world: Webcast

Bond yields are rising in response to better growth, higher inflation and withdrawal of central bank support. Contrary to common perception, this is a time when the defensive qualities of fixed income become more valuable.