Simon Stevenson

Deputy Head of Multi-Asset



14APR 2019

A tale of two markets

Performance over the quarter to March has felt like two worlds, with equity performance acting like there is a bright future approaching, while bond performance paints a darker picture. There are many ways the future can play out, so we remain cautious.


10JAN 2019



08OCT 2018


Pioneers of objective-based investing: how the idea came to life

Simon Doyle and Simon Stevenson launched the Schroder Real Return CPI+5% Fund 10 years ago this month — one of the first objective based multi-asset funds Australia. In this article they discuss launching amid the GFC, and how this style of investing comes into its own during times of volatility.

08OCT 2018

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Reflections on invention: investing in today’s world

Simon Doyle and Simon Stevenson discuss how valuations, cyclical influences and liquidity all form part of the investment considerations, and how the portfolio is managed to prepare for risks. Its lack of rigidity is what allows it to move to protect capital, which is key if an investor can’t sustain an elongated slump in growth assets. When you’re investing money for customers’ retirements, protection is important.


10JUL 2018


Trump's trade war will need a circuit breaker

President Trump is nothing if not true to his election promises. With mid-terms looming, he’s focusing on getting voters to show up. This means his trade wars will likely continue, and something will have to give to get him back to the negotiating table.


20JUN 2018

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Is the financial market engine about to stall?

Currently, markets expect a modest lift in inflation and with cash rates rising, this raises questions around whether the expansion will soon stall.


12JAN 2018


Lessons from 2017 and the outlook for 2018

After a record breaking year, it is worthwhile reflecting on what lessons we can learn from last year.



20OCT 2017

White Papers

Inflation and markets - where to from here?

Market participants continue to be puzzled by how the exceptionally low and steadily falling US unemployment rate has not led to a sustained lift in inflation. In fact several economists have called the death of the Phillips Curve, the historical inverse relationship between the unemployment rate and inflation.


11SEP 2017


The active role of cash

We believe that the market generally discounts the true value of cash. Cash has several very useful characteristics that make it valuable in portfolio construction.