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10MAY 2018

Are Australia and Canada's cooling housing markets a threat to financial stability?

The Schroders economic analysts in the UK compared the Australian and Canadian housing markets — where a cool down in prices is currently taking place — to predict the likelihood of a sharp correction. Irene Lauro, economist with Schroders UK, writes.

Global Investor Study

01NOV 2017

White Papers

13OCT 2016



06OCT 2016

Fund Focus

Schroder Real Return Fund (Managed Fund) ASX: GROW

Q&A with David Wanis, Co-Manager of the Schroder Real Return Fund (Managed Fund) ASX: GROW


13SEP 2016


SMSF Portfolio Analysis: Asset Allocations need to change

In this paper David Wanis shares our key observations on the investment make-up of SMSFs, which when compared to other investor groups, tend to be inefficient with higher risk and potentially lower performance outcomes. David discusses how SMSFs can improve by exercising flexible asset allocation in pursuit of their objectives.

12SEP 2016

Fixed Income

Carry on Fixed Interest

Stuart Dear, Deputy Head of Fixed Income, provides an update on the fixed interest environment and the need to be vigilant against complacency.

12SEP 2016


Intransigent FED

Simon Doyle, Head of Fixed Income and Multi Asset, discusses the impact of a dithering FED and the downside risks to equities and other interest sensitive securities.


11AUG 2016

Australian Equities

Momentum falters

Andrew Fleming, Deputy Head of Australian Equities, comments on the rebound in commodity prices, the challenge for banks and other opportunities within the market.

11AUG 2016

Fixed Income

A multi-strategy approach to credit investing

Mihkel Kase, Fund Manager, Fixed Income, discusses how falling cash rates and with the search for yield continuing, we see credit playing an important role in client portfolios. He provides insights into the breadth and diversity within the credit universe and the optimal way to invest. Click the download button below to access the full paper.

11AUG 2016

Fixed Income

Fixed Interest - What is it good for?

Stuart Dear, Deputy Head of Fixed Income, provides and overview of the Fixed Income markets and how the fund has been managed to balance valuation concerns with global economic expectations.