Australian Equities

05MAY 2016

I thought love would last forever: I was wrong

Martin Conlon, Head of Australian Equities discusses how investors have been left with their highest ever weighting in bond-like equities at the time of their highest ever prices.

Australian Equities

06APR 2016

Australian Equities

04MAR 2016



10FEB 2016

Australian Equities

Catalysts remain elusive

Cycles aside, in the long run how much difference in growth is there between a “growth” and a “value” stock; and, secondly, what multiple differential is appropriate for this difference? Andrew Fleming, Deputy Head of Australian Equities, discuss this twofold issue in the Australian market.


27JAN 2016

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Year in review & outlook to 2016

Simon Doyle, Head of Fixed Income & Multi-Asset, discusses what the key issues are likely to be in the year ahead, where returns will come from and how we are positioning our multi asset strategies to navigate these conditions.

05JAN 2016

Australian Equities

FoMO & the lure of outsized gains

FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) can, and has, overshadowed economic value for some time, as momentum has ruled. It will not always be this way. 



13DEC 2015

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Australian Equities - Andrew Fleming

Deputy Head of Australian Equities, Andrew Fleming, on the current positioning of the Schroder Australian Equities Strategy.

09DEC 2015

Australian Equities

Sucking the marrow out of life

07DEC 2015

Australian Equities

Fare thee well, annus horribilis

Andrew Fleming, Deputy Head of Australian Equities, bids farewell to 2015. 


17NOV 2015