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08FEB 2019

Securitised credit: Main Street versus Wall Street

We take a closer look at how asset-backed securities can be used as a defensive asset for those seeking stable income in today’s investment environment. Michelle Russell-Dowe Head of Securitized, US Fixed Income

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22MAR 2016



17FEB 2016

Fixed Income

Fixed Income – What risks should we worry about?

Simon Doyle, Head of Fixed Income & Multi-Asset, attempts to explain how we are managing fixed income in the current environment and to put some context around our recent performance. 

15FEB 2016

Fixed Income

Is it time to buy hybrids?

While it hasn’t received the same media attention as the recent decline in equities in 2016, significant falls in hybrid prices have also been apparent. As a result the hybrid market has become significantly cheaper, prompting Stuart Gray, Fund Manager, Fixed Income & Head of Credit Research, to question – is it time to buy hybrids?

11FEB 2016

Fixed Income

About-faces by central banks

Stuart Dear, Fund Manager, Fixed Income, explains that in a challenging return environment, we believe being positioned defensively but with flexibility to engage emerging opportunities is the appropriate strategy.



13OCT 2015

Fund Focus

Credit Securities

12OCT 2015

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Credit Securities - Investment Update


15JUN 2015

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Credit Securities - Investment Update