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05FEB 2019

Man or machine - who’s really driving your portfolio?

In focus: As interest in artificial intelligence increases, attention has turned to the possibility of its application to the asset management industry. By Mark Ainsworth Head of Data Insights and Analytics

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28NOV 2018

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21NOV 2018



17SEP 2018

Investment Insights

10 years on from Lehman’s collapse: seven charts to consider

The collapse of the US investment bank on 15 September 2008 sent shockwaves through markets. We explain the impact in the decade since. Written by David Brett, Investment Writer, Schroders.


29AUG 2018

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"It's quiet... too quiet" - why feeling comfortable is dangerous

Nine years into an equity bull market and there are signs that the confidence that this has instilled in investors is beginning to breed complacency in some areas. In the Schroder Value Team, we keep a folder of scary charts.

24AUG 2018

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The longest bull market in history: five charts that tell the story

The bull market in US shares has reached 3,453 days. We explain how it happened and suggest what might happen next. Written by David Brett, Investment Writer, Schroders

16AUG 2018

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The Elon Musk stockmarket dilemma

Elon Musk, CEO of electric carmaker Tesla, has suggested he will take the company private. We look at the benefits and costs of a stockmarket listing.


28JUN 2018

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Where's the value in value investing?

The past decade has been marked by several unique features that have turned the value style of investing on its head. Sean Markowicz, Strategist, Research and Analytics from Schroders explains why this abnormal trend may be coming to an end.


18APR 2018

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Facebook’s salutary lesson on being ‘priced for perfection’

Facebook’s high-profile woes over its collection, storage and use of personal data are a vivid illustration of the extra risk investors take on with any stock that is ‘priced for perfection’.


01MAR 2018

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Value investing skills #2: Analytical Edge

There are arguably four broad categories where it is possible for investors to enjoy some sort of advantage over their peers. Here we consider the analytical ‘edge’ and how value investors can benefit from one.