14APR 2019

A tale of two markets

Performance over the quarter to March has felt like two worlds, with equity performance acting like there is a bright future approaching, while bond performance paints a darker picture. There are many ways the future can play out, so we remain cautious.



06MAR 2019


An illustration of the need to diversify

Schroders produces a wall poster each year that shows the relative performance of all asset classes from the past 20 years. It’s one of the most popular items we provide to clients because it serves as a stark reminder of the role diversification plays in portfolio construction.


13FEB 2019


US: Fed and economy downgrade play key roles

With the US Fed recognising the need to pay attention to inflation risk and an overheating economy by relaxing the talk of rate rises, and a downgrade in the economic outlook, the start of 2019 has been led by a rebound in equity markets.


10JAN 2019


More volatility to come in 2019

Going into 2019 some volatility is expected to continue, so whilst we remain cautious, we anticipate further buying opportunities to come.



12DEC 2018


November positives hard to come by

As equities continued to meander towards the end of the year down almost all across the board, oil prices negating inflation risk and geopolitical uncertainty in the US and UK means that there were few places for investors to hide.


14NOV 2018


Equity-led drops not yet the return of a bear

While October proved true to form as a month where market crashes tend to happen, we’re not yet entering a buying phase beyond tactical moves. We believe there are further falls to come and will continue to monitor for a re-entry point.


25OCT 2018


Risks of an overheating US economy

The US economy and corporate profits have been strong. It’s times like these that investors should start to worry about monetary policy tightening killing the bull market. This infographic will help explain why.

22OCT 2018

Videos: Webconferences

Countdown to recession webcast

While the strength of the US economy may make talk of recession appear premature, we believe the countdown clock has started.