Schroder Fixed Income Fund

Bonds play a critical role in investors’ portfolio – whether it’s to generate income, preserve capital or to guard against the volatility of more growth-oriented investments like shares. The Schroder Fixed Income Fund has been designed around all of these investor needs, and provides an actively managed  defensive strategy to investors.  Maintaining a core of investments in Australian fixed interest investments remains a key component of the Fund, while also drawing on investment opportunities from around the world to bring balance, risk control and return enhancement.

Schroder Absolute Return Income Fund (formerly known as Schroder Credit Securities Fund)

In the current low interest rate environment it is important for investors to achieve adequate returns on their investment, whilst also receiving reliable income and protecting their capital from the impact of potential interest rate changes. The Schroder Absolute Return Income Fund is an actively managed bond strategy that aims to meet all of those objectives for investors.