Global Climate Change

Investment Objective

Schroders Global Climate Change seeks to provide capital growth primarily through investment in equity securities of worldwide issuers which will benefit from efforts to adapt to, or mitigate climate change.

We do not define a specific performance target but we believe that over time, companies well-positioned with regard to climate change will significantly outperform broad world indices.


Our global climate change strategy invests in companies that create products or offer services which help to mitigate or adapt to the effects of climate change.

Mitigation: Things we can do to prevent the worst of future climate change. For example, companies developing new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Adaptation: The changes we will have to make to accommodate the effects of climate change. For example, companies that construct buildings designed to withstand more extreme weather.

What will the strategy not invest in?

  • Companies where the investment case is not significantly affected by climate change
  • Companies whose products decrease in demand due to climate change
  • Companies that do not recognize and embrace the importance and impact of climate change

Schroders Global Climate Change comprises five main themes: Energy efficiency; Low carbon fossil fuels; Clean energy; Sustainable transport; Environmental resources. We think that these areas will benefit most from efforts to mitigate or adapt to climate change, representing the greatest opportunities for investors.

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