QEP Global Core Equity

Investment Objective

QEP Global Core is an enhanced index strategy that seeks to outperform the MSCI World Index (net dividends reinvested)** by 1.0% per annum (gross of fees) with a low tracking error.


QEP Global Core is an actively managed strategy that seeks to deliver modest incremental outperformance of MSCI World with limited index-relative risk. The team analyzes a global universe of over 15,000 companies to identify attractive opportunities, applying index-relative constraints at the stock, sector and regional level in order to ensure effective diversification, to manage risk and to avoid any extreme outcomes.

With a return target of +1% p.a. against the MSCI World Index and tracking error typically below 1.5% p.a., we would suggest that this strategy offers investors the benefits of index-based investing from a risk and cost perspective with the potential for relative performance upside.

Management Team

Investment Philosophy

Investment Process

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