Economic Views

07FEB 2019

India's central bank takes a dovish turn

The central bank has cut interest rates but a pause may have been a more prudent option.

Market Views: Equities

29JAN 2019

Market Views: Fixed Income

29JAN 2019



11DEC 2018

Economic Views

Resignation rocks rupee and Indian reform outlook

The resignation of India’s central bank governor has implications for politics and financial markets


05OCT 2018

Economic Views

Why India’s central bank may have made a mistake

We don’t find the reasoning behind the Indian central bank’s decision to leave rates on hold particularly persuasive.


31AUG 2018

Economic Views

India reaffirms status as the fastest growing major economy in the world

Quickview: Although flattering, the latest GDP data highlights the Indian economy’s resilience against the economic concerns emanating from China.

01AUG 2018

Economic Views

India's supposedly neutral central bank sounds decidedly hawkish

Today’s rate hike is unlikely to be the last given inflation is accelerating.


04MAY 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Monthly markets review - April 2018

A look back on what happened to equities and bonds in April, as the oil price rallied.


13FEB 2018

Market Views: Equities

Investing in India: how might reforms affect stockmarket returns?

With growth expected to have bottomed, what lies ahead for India’s stockmarket in 2018?



05DEC 2017

Market Views: Fixed Income

Outlook 2018: Emerging markets debt relative

A solid global backdrop, improving fundamentals and relatively attractive income to drive continued, albeit more modest, gains in 2018 despite increased country divergence.