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20FEB 2019

Are investors too pessimistic on European shares?

Some European markets seem priced for recession but economists still forecast growth for the region in 2019.

Market Views: Equities

06DEC 2018

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03OCT 2018



30AUG 2018

Market Views: Equities

Europe's banks: cause for concern or cause for buying?

Our investment experts consider the prospects for Europe’s banks as the sector faces challenges including ongoing low interest rates and Italian political uncertainty.


12JUL 2018

Market Views: Equities

An economic slowdown is approaching, but that's no cause for investor alarm

We’re approaching the end of the economic cycle, but markets are not stupid. Investors waiting for a significant collapse in the equity market because the economy is slowing may be in for a long wait.


13JUN 2018

Market Views: Equities

Active vs passive: how the debate stacks up in Europe ex UK equities

The argument over whether to use passive or active funds is often narrowly focused on the US. Here, we examine the evidence for Europe ex UK equities.

04JUN 2018

Market Views: Equities

Why Italian politics matters for eurozone banks

Capital strength, margins and the prospects for banking union are among the many issues that may be affected by recent political developments.


22MAY 2018

Market Views: Equities

Why the oil & gas sector is energising investors

The recent rise in oil prices is not the only reason why the sector looks attractive.

08MAY 2018

Market Views: Equities

Why we expect a capex surge in Europe

Tightening capacity and recent underinvestment are among the factors pointing to a sustained increase in corporate spending.


28MAR 2018

Market Views: Equities

Harnessing the information revolution

Modern fund managers are faced with a flood of data that can be analysed in ways unheard of 30 years ago. If they want to stay ahead of the game, they need to channel this deluge and harness its power to generate alpha in new ways.