07JUN 2017
9:00 pm

SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne

Symposium de prévoyance in Lausanne 07-08 June

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The symposium is the top forum for all key pillar 2 decision-makers. The main element of the symposium is further training. For two days, pension fund managing directors, members of pension fund boards of trustees, and pension fund experts will receive high-quality further training free of charge.

Through this unprecedented initiative, VPS-Verlag is underscoring the importance of further pillar 2 training and providing substantial savings for pension funds’ training budgets. So all responsible pension fund managing directors should be keen on having their board of trustee members take advantage of this two-day training opportunity.

This symposium is, of course, a recognised form of further training, offering industry-standard certification and points.

The Salon PPS trade fair will take place at the same time as the symposium, offering stakeholders a current market overview of pillar 2 service providers.

Visit us at booth no 27 or send an e-mail if you do not have a ticket yet. 

Date and Venue

07JUN 2017

SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne