In focus

Marketing material for professional investors or advisers only

Schroders’ funds in focus highlights key funds that aim to take advantage of current market opportunities to maximise returns across alternatives, equities, fixed income and multi-asset. 

Schroders’ alternative investments provide sophisticated investors with specialised solutions to meet their investment needs. 

Schroder ISF QEP Global Absolute: The fund aims to generate positive uncorrelated returns across a broad range of market environments by exploiting two complementary drivers of long-term stock returns – Value and Quality – both by going long in attractive stocks and short in unattractive ones

Schroders' equity strategies include single country, regional and global funds, small and mid-cap funds, growth, value and quantitative strategies, and defensive strategies to reduce market risk. 

European equity funds: Each of the strategies we offer has distinct characteristics allowing investors access to European equities in a number of styles.   

European equity - Value funds: Value investing targets companies, whose share price does not, in our view, reflect its intrinsic value. It is a contrarian strategy, investing in areas of the market that are out of favour, in search of depressed share prices with the potential to recover strongly.

Fixed Income employs fundamental and quantitative approaches and is based on research-intensive, globally-integrated credit and macro capabilities.

Schroder ISF Emerging Markets Debt Absolute Returninvests in local and external bonds as well as the currencies of some of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing countries. The fund is actively managed and aims to achieve positive returns in any 12-month period whilst also maximising returns.

Schroder ISF Global Multi Credit: The fund aims to deliver strong total returns across different market environments from a highly diversified credit portfolio. The fund can invest freely across the global credit spectrum.

Multi-asset offers a comprehensive range of customised solutions, pooled products and advisory services. We specialise in providing a consultative, solutions-based approach for clients.