APAC Graduate and Internship Programme


“Graduates are at the heart of our Company. With an innovative mind-set and great agility, graduates play an important part in how we shape the future of our business. We need more enthusiastic talents to take up the exciting challenges at Schroders and capture the opportunity to make an impact on our business.”

Lieven Debruyne
Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific

Hear what our Schroders Graduates have to say about the Programme!


"I firmly believe Schroders has one of the best Graduate Programmes in the industry, with every Graduate Trainee going through a vastly different experience tailored to their interests and area of business. The most memorable and enriching part of the programme for me was the international attachment to Schroders' London head office for four months which covered certification exams, classroom trainings and rotations to various investment desks. My best takeaway? Learning from and working alongside some of the brightest minds in the asset management industry."


Ray Chow, Distribution, Singapore


"As a global company, there are multiple opportunities for cross-office collaboration and assignments. I have had the opportunity to be seconded to the London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo offices. I found these overseas assignments highly interesting and educational as I got to experience a different culture while learning about how each business tackles its unique commercial, regulatory and operational challenges."


Ng Li Ann, Compliance, Singapore


"I was given the chance to spearhead the chatbot project – SchrodersGO, working closely with the business stakeholders. This is the first solution of its kind not only within the organisation but also the industry. It led me to a conversation and discussion with the CEO, Peter Harrison. I feel very fortunate to be able to undertake such a unique proposition as a Graduate Trainee."


Yo Wee King, Global Technology, Singapore


"The best thing about the programme is the flexibility. As a Graduate Trainee, the company will support you across your career development, so when you feel like you need a change, there is always a way, and people will help you find it."


You Chenyun, Distribution, Hong Kong


"As a Graduate Trainee at Schroders, I had the opportunity to travel to London for a 5-week training and subsequently a 14-week rotation. The most exciting aspect of the programme, be it in Singapore or London, is the opportunity to influence decisions and make an impact on the business."


Yap Shien Tah, Human Resources, Singapore


"Schroders shows commitment to the society by organizing CSG events and investing responsibly (e.g. our ESG funds).  In Schroders, you will be surrounded by smart and amazing individuals who encourage you to grow and accept your ideas even through you are a junior. Training and mentoring programmes are also offered to Graduate Trainees to make sure you succeed."


Ronald Ng, Compliance, Hong Kong


"I have just finished the first year of my Graduate Programme and I have completed rotations in data insight technology and digital technology.  I am currently working on RPA (Robotic Process Automation). In Schroders, I've learned how data analytics supports the core business and how automation brings efficiency and cost-savings. Trust me, Schroders is a great company to start your career with!"


Charlotte Wang, Global Technology, Singapore


"Upon completing the Graduate Programme, I moved into my current role as a Management Information and Data Analytics Analyst in the Distribution department. The job involves collaborating across functions like Finance, CRM, Market Intelligence, Technology, and requires me to engage with stakeholders at all levels. Without the training and exposure afforded by the Graduate Programme, I honestly don’t think I could do my job as well as I can today!"


Pay Leon Khee, Distribution, Singapore


"I love the level of professionalism and flexibility among the teams and peers I have met in Schroders.  Everyone takes the initiative to deliver projects successfully but nobody is forced to stay late and work overtime. In Schroders, we enjoy good work-life balance and we really focus on the efficiency and delivering quality work. The Graduate Trainee Programme exposes me to different aspects of the industry and provides vast learning opportunities."


Wu Songhao, Global Technology, Singapore

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