Schroder ISF Emerging Asia

Investment strategy to surf the emerging Asian market

Why Invest in the Schroder ISF Emerging Asia?

Capitalise on structural growth trends

Structural growth drivers are expected to lead long-term investment opportunities in Emerging Asia. These include themes such as favourable demographics, increasing urbanisation, consumption upgrade and rising infrastructure demand. The fund provides access to attractive growth businesses and investment opportunities in Emerging Asia, whilst adding value through active stock selection. 

Tap opportunities across markets and sectors

The fund can invest across countries, sectors and the market capitalisation spectrum. The wide scope of the Emerging Asia equity universe, which includes China A-shares, offers us the flexibility to invest depending on where we see the most attractive bottom-up investment opportunities.

Expertise proven by a respectable track record

We identify well-run, and high-quality franchises and business models through in-depth proprietary insights from our significant regional team of locally-based experts.  As a bottom-up fundamental investor that focuses on investing in companies that will grow shareholder returns in the long term, strong stock selection has been the key driver of outperformance over the last two to three years. This has been particularly evident in areas such as internet, technology, and domestic China A-shares.

Why Schroders?

The fund is managed by Schroders’ Asian team, which consists of 13 fund managers and 28 analysts based in the Asia ex Japan region who conduct more than 4,200 company visits per year^. This expertise ensures we have in-depth knowledge, embedded in local markets, as well as breadth of coverage, enabling us to identify unique opportunities within the region. With proven track records in Asian markets and awards earned from Benchmark Awards and Bloomberg Awards, the team is well-positioned to capture the growth opportunities across Emerging Asia.

Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF.
^Year 2016, data as of May 2017.

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