Watch: Massimo Tosato on the Global Investment Trends Survey

Massimo Tosato, Executive Vice Chairman of Schroders plc, looks at the disconnect between investors' expectations and behaviour highlighted by the Global Investment Trends Survey.


Massimo Tosato

Massimo Tosato

Executive Vice-Chairman and Global Head of Distribution

The Global Investment Trends Survey survey, which is the largest independent study Schroders has ever commissioned, polled more than 20,000 retail investors across 28 countries, each with at least €10,000 (or local currency equivalent) to invest in 2015.

The research found a mismatch between investors' anticipated returns and their appetite for risk. That is, although investors expect double digit returns this year, they are reluctant to invest in higher-risk assets to achieve this goal.

The average retail investor is looking to place only around 21% of their investment portfolio in high risk / high return assets (such as equities), with 45% of their funds going to low risk / low return assets (such as cash) and around a third (35%) being placed in medium risk assets (such as fixed income).

The full findings of the survey can be found as a PDF below.