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When will value investing’s record bad streak end?

In this 60 second video, Fund Manager Nick Kirrage discusses value investing's record bad streak and why value now might present a great opportunity.


Nick Kirrage

Nick Kirrage

Fund Manager, Equity Value

Nick Kirrage, an Equity Value Fund Manager at Schroders, explains why now might be a good time to consider value stocks.

“We know we should buy low and sell high. We are looking for investment strategies that are enduring and we want to buy them when they look cheap and attractive.

“Value has been through one of its worst periods in history. The performance of value has been weak but value, we know, is a very enduring style .

“Investing is based on human emotions, the one thing in the stock market that doesn’t change. Over time value should bounce back.

“When we look across investments in the market place today we see a huge bias in investors’ portfolios towards more growth-type investments. That presents a huge opportunity to diversify away and buy into a strategy that has a great long-term success record at an attractive level.

“So why now? Because the opportunity has never been greater.”