Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Income

Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Income

Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Income

Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Income is an attractive solution for investors seeking regular and sustainable income without a heightened exposure to risk.

Key fund facts


Our unconstrained, flexible investment approach allows us to identify yield opportunities wherever they exist allowing us to generate a yield of 5% without compromising the sustainability of the income.


We analyse a universe of 25,000 securities to create a diversified portfolio, investing in profitable and stable companies offering a high yield.


We employ an active approach to risk management by fully understanding the individual risks inherent within the portfolio. This way, we can hedge as appropriate at the portfolio level, thereby developing a more effective method of protecting investors' capital.

Who is this suitable for?

Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Income offers a complete income solution for a broad range of investors. It can be used to provide extra income in retirement, to anticipate university fees or as a potential solution whenever consistent income is a key requirement.

Supplementary income


Special occasions



A rainy day

Investment process

Equity security selection
Fixed income security selection
Risk management overlay
  • Universe of over 25,000 securities
  • 20 asset classes
  • 40 countries
  • Focus on identifying high, but sustainable yields from quality income sources

Meet the manager

Fund Manager, Aymeric Forest, is supported by a multi-disciplinary ‘Global Income’ team, including equity and fixed income security selection experts, focused on generating income across asset classes. This approach leverages the combined expertise of over 200 investment professionals who frequently meet to identify opportunities and risks, discuss themes and analyse the positioning of the fund.

Aymeric Forest
Aymeric Forest

Aymeric Forest, CFA

Fund Manager

Years of


Head of Multi-Asset Investments, Europe. He joined Schroders in 2011 as a portfolio manager within Multi-Asset. He is the lead manager of the Luxembourg registered Schroder ISF Global Multi- Asset Income, a member of Global Asset Allocation Committee and Volatility Risk Premia group leader.


Masters degree in Finance, Nancy 2 University (France), Giessen (Germany) and Lund (Sweden).

1 The fund intends to make regular fixed distributions to investors and, if its income is insufficient to cover these payments, these payments may reduce the fund's capital. The target 5% distribution is formally reviewed on an annual basis.