60 seconds with Tom Walker on what makes a "global city"

Tom Walker reveals where he thinks is a great example of a true global city.


Tom Walker

Tom Walker

Co-Head of Global Real Estate Securities

Over the last six months the importance of diversification has really shone through. The word “Brexit” has told investors everything they need to know about not putting all your eggs in one basket.

In terms of our outlook for the sector, we think that there are a number of cities around the world which are going to perform very well and give the owners of real estate in these cities pricing power.

When we think about those cities we are thinking of Boston, Los Angeles, New York, London, Singapore, Sydney or Hong Kong. Boston, we think, is one of the great examples.

Boston has a very diverse economy, it's doing leading research into ground-breaking drugs, all the large pharmaceuticals are there and aided by research from some of the world’s leading universities like Harvard and MIT.

So, Boston is a great example of some of the ingredients we look for in global cities.

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