Schroders Responsible Investment Report Q4 2014

In the latest Schroders Responsible Investment Report: banks' new approach to risk; corporate tax; carbon action and ESG engagement with BHP Billiton and Debenhams.


Seema Suchak

Seema Suchak

Sustainable Investment Analyst

Our responsible investment approach isn’t an attempt to follow recent market trends. Neither is it distinct and separate from our mainstream investments and services. We know that companies with robust environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance benefit from a lower cost of capital and are more likely to deliver superior returns over time.

We look to integrate understanding of ESG issues into our investment decisions, across asset classes.

Engaging with companies and their management is a fundamental part of our investment process as an active investor. We believe that it adds value by enhancing communication and understanding between companies and investors.

This report (found below) brings you the details of our ESG engagement this quarter, as well as some of the broad issues and themes our eight-strong team has been considering. It demonstrates Schroders’ responsible approach to managing clients’ assets, and how we are integrating our ESG thinking into our investment processes.