About Schroders

At Schroders, our focus is on pure asset management. That means we can approach investment with a focussed perspective and an entrepreneurial attitude. Our overriding objective is to maximise returns for our clients.

As a business that’s been innovating for more than two centuries, we’re always ready to adapt and evolve to suit the world we find ourselves in. Our logo, design, imagery and the words we use to communicate have all been recast. Sharper, quicker, clearer – they have evolved to better suit the world we do business in. But our story remains unchanged, and our focus on you, our clients, endures. We have changed to ensure we remain who we always have been. Still the same strong values and pride in our heritage. Still trusted. Still innovative. Still Schroders. 

We invite you to browse our website to discover our insights through the direct link below: