Thought Leadership


Thought Leadership

25MAR 2019

Savings behaviour in a low rate world: what can we learn from Japan?

We examine whether Japanese households have taken on more risk in search of higher returns, and consider the implications for other developed markets.



10DEC 2018

Thought Leadership

The underperformance of value: a tale of unintended consequences

Our research shows that, given the poor performance of many value-orientated funds, investors would do well to choose their value factor carefully.


06SEP 2018

Thought Leadership

Have bonds lost their bite?

As markets evolve, we explore whether bonds are still able to provide protection in turbulent conditions.


03AUG 2018

Thought Leadership

ESG in passive: let the buyer beware

Are investors ignoring the small print in their rush to buy funds incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles?


30JUL 2018

Thought Leadership

How will the physical risks of climate change affect companies?

Our new analysis can quantify the physical impact climate change has on companies around the world. The costs could be considerable.

24JUL 2018

Thought Leadership

Why investors are wrong about the role of the dollar

A new theory about the US dollar is challenging the way economists and markets think about currencies. It has particularly important implications for emerging market asset classes.

16JUL 2018

Thought Leadership

Why investors need to keep their balance

Investors seeking particular long-term outcomes need to achieve and – just as importantly – retain healthy long-term returns.


27JUN 2018

Thought Leadership

Corporate bonds: why investors’ knee-jerk reaction to rising interest rates could be wrong

As investors face the prospect of the near-40 year bull market in bonds coming to an end, many are questioning the role of bonds in their portfolios. The knee-jerk response of many will be to cut duration. This could prove a mistake.