APAC Graduate and Internship Programme


“Graduates are at the heart of our Company. With an innovative mindset and great agility, graduates play an important part in how we shape the future of our business. We need more enthusiastic talents to take up the exciting challenges at Schroders and capture the opportunity to make an impact on our business.”

Lieven Debruyne
Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific

We value candidates with the ability to keep an open mind and adapt to opportunities, and appreciate those with a passion to make a difference. Our recruitment is on a rolling basis so we recommend that you get your application submitted as soon as possible.

Applications for 2020 graduate programme will open in Aug/Sept 2019, please check back then!

Application Process

Our graduate and internship programmes go through the below application process:

1.      Online Application - You will be required to register your personal details and complete a series of assessment questions. The assessment is not timed, but all questions must be answered in one session. To avoid losing your work, you are strongly advised to draft your responses in a separate document before filling up the application.

2.      Aptitude Assessment - If your application is successful, you will be asked to take an online numerical and inductive reasoning test. For practice tests, click here

3.      Video Interview - You will then need to complete a video interview.

4.      Assessment Centre - Next, impress us at the assessment centre where you and fellow applicants will spend a full day going through case presentations, workplace simulations, interviews and aptitude tests. Schroders employees will be present so this is the time to ask them any questions you may have.

5.      Final Interview - Finally, we will invite you to a face-to-face interview with senior members of the business. Impress them and you are on your way to joining us!

6.      Success! - Welcome to Schroders!


Tips From Our Graduate Trainees


"The assessment day at Schroders was truly a pleasant experience for me. The chance to interact with potential colleagues gave me a taste of what working at Schroders would be like, and that was actually a big drawing factor for me. In terms of preparation, reading up more about the business is a must. If there is a specific aspect of the interview process you are weak at, try practising with a partner to polish your delivery and it will be worth it."


Ryan Ong, Distribution, Singapore


"Preparation is important but more importantly, don’t let the nerves get to you. There are simulations and case studies that will depend greatly on your adaptability to solve problems you’ve never encountered before. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, remember to work together as a team and most of all, enjoy the experience and take it as a chance to learn more both about the company as well as yourself!"


Tricia Tang, Global Technology, Singapore


"A good way to prepare for the assessment would be to read up on the background of Schroders and to be clear of your motivations going into this programme. In addition, it helps to be concise and structured when presenting your thoughts. This will help to improve the delivery of your presentation while ensuring that all necessary objectives are covered. Last but not least, be yourself! More often than not, interviewers are keen to know more about you as a person and what you can bring to the team."


Seah Wei Chong, Portfolio Services, Singapore

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