Schroder ISF Global Credit Income

A quality blend for income and capital stability

For investors who want consistent, attractive income with capital stability in the current environment of low yields and higher volatility. A dynamic, unconstrained approach to investing across the global credit spectrum is key to achieving these objectives.

Consistent, attractive income

With low government bond yields and unattractive deposit rates, generating reliable and attractive income from traditional sources has become a challenge. The fund achieves its income objective by investing across the broad and diverse global credit universe, wherever we find the best opportunities.


Dynamic credit allocation

Credit allocation that is truly global and dynamic means that the fund can meet its objectives in all market environments.

For investors concerned about rising rates and its impact on a bond portfolio, the fund has the flexibility to invest in markets that are less vulnerable or may even benefit from this scenario.

Mitigate drawdown risk

We understand that investors seeking income can be more sensitive to capital loss / drawdowns. Our process incorporates sophisticated drawdown risk analysis to help us mitigate loss to investors’ capital relative to the market.


Innovative themes-based approach

We apply forward-looking themes, like technological disruption and changing demographics, in our credit selection process to help us understand how the world is changing and identify companies that are adapting well to change, and those that may be vulnerable.

Credit expertise

Schroders has a highly experienced team of credit experts based all over the world. We research companies thoroughly and use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to crunch the numbers and seek to make the best investment decisions for our clients. 

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