23APR 2018

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - May 2018

Trade wars, and how they might affect the US, emerging markets and Japan, are the focus of this month's viewpoint.

17APR 2018


Is the road to inflation taking us back to the 1960s?

The 1960s are remembered for radical social reform, political upheaval and war. Often forgotten is that they were also a time of rising inflation – and in this they may hold disquieting lessons for us today.

06APR 2018

Global Market Perspective

Global Market Perspective Q2 2018

In this quarter's economic and asset allocation views, we discuss the escalating trade dispute between the US and China as well as examining the factors likely to influence US Treasury yields in the next two years.

05APR 2018


How China is positioning for slower growth

The Chinese authorities seem to have acknowledged that lower growth will be inevitable. We look at how they have increased their room for manoeuvre economically and politically.


29MAR 2018

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - April 2018

This month we look at the factors that might end one of the longest US economic expansions in history. We also examine the drivers behind rising US Treasury yields and how China is positioning itself for slower growth.

23MAR 2018


How and why rising trade tensions have moved markets

After markets fell sharply overnight, we look at what's been going on and what might happen next.

16MAR 2018


Russian election: how might Putin’s inevitable victory affect the economy?

For Russia the risk lies not in Sunday’s election, but what comes after.

06MAR 2018


Why economic growth (and rates) could increase faster than expected

We’ve upgraded our predictions for how the major economies around the world will perform in the next two years. Here, we briefly explain why and summarise our predictions.

05MAR 2018


Italian election yields a bitter stalemate

Quickview: Protest and populist parties make large gains, raising the risk of a possible debt crisis, but an Italian exit from the euro or EU remains low-risk.


28FEB 2018

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - March 2018

This month we focus on our latest forecast updates. These include an upgrade to global growth for 2018 which could fuel higher inflation, especially in the US.