03APR 2019

Can you retire better off than your parents?

Leading experts, including Schroders' Senior Strategist Sangita Chawla, speak to The Times about the obstacles facing today's savers as they try to retire better off than their parents.


14FEB 2019



12DEC 2018


Outlook 2019: Commodities

We look across the range of commodities and find that supply and demand dynamics should mean elevated anxiety levels can be overcome and drive positive returns in 2019.


31OCT 2018


Is the state pension now unsustainable?

The question of who pays for our retirement has become a political time bomb. Former Pensions Minister Ros Altmann and Schroders' Head of Retirement Lesley-Ann Morgan debate the issue

25OCT 2018


Aged 20 and saving for the 100 year life

By putting away a modest fraction of their income, today’s 20-somethings could afford a comfortable retirement in their 60s - and still have enough money to live to 100.


02JUL 2018

Global Investor Study

Why 70% of people keep investing after retirement

More than two-thirds of people plan to continue investing even in retirement, according to a major global study.

02JUL 2018

Global Investor Study

The potential income shock awaiting pension savers

A global study of investor attitudes finds that those close to retirement expect to replace 74% of their salary when they give up work. The reality for those already retired is very different.


03MAY 2018


Aged 40? This is how you might afford the 100-year life

It is not uncommon to turn 40 and have no pension savings. We show what you need to do to start saving to be able retire in your 60s and live the 100-year life.

01MAY 2018


Three scenarios that show how quickly inflation can erode your wealth

Further increases in inflation may lie ahead in 2018 and 2019. In the first of a new series, we highlight how inflation can affect your investments