David Brett

Investment Writer

Fund Manager, Schroders


15OCT 2017


Black Monday 30 years on: how it happened and what we can learn

It has been 30 years since Black Monday, the biggest one-day fall in stockmarket history. We look at what happened and how today’s markets compare to 1987.


09AUG 2017


The global financial crisis 10 years on: six charts that tell the story

It has been 10 years since the start of the global financial crisis. We show the impact then and during the decade that followed.


25JUL 2017


The FTSE in 2017: six charts that tell the story so far

The UK stockmarket rose in the first half of 2017 in the face of political and economic uncertainty. We look at why and what the future may bring.


30JUN 2017


How the FTSE 100 has changed over 33 years

As the FTSE 100 undergoes another quarterly change, we look back at what happened to the iconic names of yesteryear – and why it’s important for investors to understand the transformation.

16JUN 2017


14 years of returns: history’s lesson for investors

This graphic shows the best and worst performing assets each year since 2003 and illustrates why diversifying your investments matters.


30MAY 2017


Is it still worth investing in bank shares?

Bank shares rallied in 2016 – but will the good run continue? We look at why the sector has recovered and examine the latest valuations.

18MAY 2017


Which stockmarket sectors have performed best over two decades?

We look at which UK stockmarket sectors could have grown your money the most over the last 20 years, and what their valuations are telling us now.

11MAY 2017


A political checklist for stockmarket investors

Brexit, Trump and European elections all had the potential to cause chaos in the stockmarket. Yet investors have remained calm. What next?


27APR 2017


Trump’s first 100 days: how markets have performed

Has the “Trump bump” come to an end? We set out the performance of stockmarkets, currencies and bonds.

27APR 2017


How shares with low yields may pay the most income

High yielding stocks may satisfy the need for income in the short-term, but the numbers show how dividend growers can outperform in the long term.