David Brett

Investment Writer

Fund Manager, Schroders

18APR 2017


How currencies move stockmarkets

These charts illustrate how and why US, UK and Japanese stockmarkets are affected by currency swings.


17MAR 2017


How "small cap" shares can outperform for decades but remain good value

UK smaller company stocks have returned six times the amount of large companies since 1955 and yet may still be good value for investors. Here we explain why.

15MAR 2017


Why stockmarkets rise when currencies fall – explained in two charts

These two charts help explain why the FTSE 100 can rise when sterling falls.

08MAR 2017


How safe are dividends?

Investors treasure the income paid by companies. We explain the “dividend cover” safety measure, and what it says about world markets today.


02FEB 2017


How Trump’s presidency might affect your investments

There has been a lively reaction in financial markets to Donald Trump’s election win, but what might his presidency mean for investments in 2017?


25JAN 2017


Will ‘value investors’ win in 2017?

Value investing enjoyed a turnaround in fortunes in 2016, but after many years of underperfomance compared with growth could 2017 be the year for value investors?

19JAN 2017


How big was the global Trump rally – and where does it leave valuations?

The prospect of a Trump presidency has fuelled a rally in stockmarkets. We explain why and look at the latest valuations.



19DEC 2016


What next for the FTSE 100?

The FTSE 100 hit a new all-time peak in 2016, but how expensive are UK shares and what could investors expect for 2017?

09DEC 2016


A short history of investing in gold – and what to expect for 2017

The price of gold was volatile in 2016. We look beyond the short-term performance and evaluate prospects for the precious metal in 2017.


18NOV 2016


One week on: how the market changed its tune on Trump

These five charts illustrate how the market’s attitude has softened towards Donald Trump’s win, but how long will it last?