60 seconds with Remi Olu-Pitan on the market's reaction to Brexit

Watch Remi Olu-Pitan talk about the referendum result and what it means for financial markets.


Remi Olu-Pitan

Remi Olu-Pitan

Fund Manager, Multi-asset

Brexit; one has to digest what that means, and this is exactly what the market is doing. What does this separation mean for the UK economy, Europe and also global markets?

Market response

The first response is to move to safety, this is why assets such as government bonds are doing well, gold is appreciating and the yen and the dollar are appreciating. This is creating dislocations. We can see quality assets outperforming and value underperforming. The next few days or weeks will remain quite volatile.

Exploiting market dislocations

For us, it is about trying to identify how we can exploit these dislocations. While Brexit does have longer term implications for the UK economy, Europe and global markets, there are winners and losers. Right now, with a clear head, we need to focus on identifying the winners, and avoiding the losers.