05JUL 2016


The sharing economy: Why investors should be caring about sharing

The swift rise to prominence of companies such as Airbnb and Uber emphasises the importance of identifying sectors and companies potentially at risk of similar disruptions.


29JUN 2016


The road that led to Brexit (and where it’s heading)

Schroders’ ESG team examines the social pressures that led the UK to vote Leave and the challenges and opportunities they imply for global industries and markets.

21JUN 2016


Investing in the future: Japan's focus on sustainability

Japanese companies are increasingly thinking long term in order to thrive and grow in the future.


26MAY 2016


Painting by numbers - the difficulties of measuring sustainability

Fund sustainability ratings are an increasingly popular tool for investors but one number may paint a misleading picture.

06MAY 2016


Sustainable Investment Report - Q1 2016

This quarter's Sustainable Investment Report focuses on the convergence of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations with fiduciary duties and the investment industry's challenge to turn those good intentions into practice.


19APR 2016


Turning sustainable intentions into fiduciary practice

We explore why investors need to understand the sustainability of returns and potential risks on the horizon, from cyber security to tax clampdowns, are as important as understanding the valuation of assets.


02MAR 2016


Schroders climate change survey: economists expect inflationary impact

We surveyed economists at investment banks regarding the impact of climate change on the world economy. The results supported our own analysis that climate change represents a significant threat and will likely be inflationary, while short-termism hampers mitigation efforts.


12FEB 2016


Thermal coal: end of the road?

With thermal coal under pressure from economic and environmental considerations, investors in mining firms need to make sure they take a realistic approach. 

10FEB 2016


Water stress: The rising costs faced by beverages companies

In the wake of rising company awareness and the increasing costs of water risk, we explore the potential financial impacts of water stress on companies in the beverages sector.



16DEC 2015


How useful is portfolio carbon footprinting?

As focus on climate change intensifies, portfolio carbon footprints can be a helpful tool for investors but may not provide a complete picture of future risks and opportunities