08OCT 2015


Germany faces more difficult road ahead

A postcard from.... Germany.  Chief Economist Keith Wade travelled to Frankfurt and Berlin in mid-September to meet senior officials at the ECB, Bundesbank, Finance, Economics and Labour Ministries of the German government plus a think tank. Here, he reports back on the main themes of his discussions.

05OCT 2015


How vulnerable are emerging markets? An expert discussion

At the recent Schroders Webconference hosted by Craig Botham, Emerging Market Economist, three emerging market investors with different perspectives discussed the outlook for the region.


11SEP 2015


September 2015 Economic Infographic

In the latest economic infographic Schroders economists explore the effects of cheap oil and a strong dollar on the global economy and update their growth outlooks for the eurozone and the BRICs.

08SEP 2015


European equities could provide haven amid global uncertainty

Financial markets markets have suffered extreme bouts of volatility, but we continue to believe European equities offer almost ‘safe haven’ status in a world of increasing economic uncertainty.

04SEP 2015


Monthly markets review - August 2015

A review of markets in August 2015, when worries over a Chinese economic slowdown sparked significant volatility.


26AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: Where next for Asian bonds?

The slowdown in China ignores the region’s broader strengths.

25AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: Growth and deflation realisation behind Asian sell-off

Structural worries on a number of fronts have sparked sharp falls in Asian stocks.

24AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: Fed actions hold key to EM rout

If there were any doubt only a few days ago, there should be none at all now - that even incrementally more restrictive monetary policy by the Federal Reserve is a danger in a very slow growth world.

24AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: What is driving current stockmarket volatility?

Equity markets are experiencing turbulence but the authorities have tools available to calm markets.