22FEB 2018


How does e-commerce stack up on emissions?

We look at how shopping online could help consumers reduce their carbon footprint.

21FEB 2018


The “Big Tech” backlash: How sustainable are Google, Facebook and Amazon?

The soaring scale, wealth and influence of the internet giants have led to growing scrutiny from society and regulators. Could their wings finally be clipped?

20FEB 2018


Why companies that cut their dividend can be attractive income investments

It may seem counterintuitive but companies that have cut their dividends can be good sources of future income.

16FEB 2018


Disruption is everywhere, but so are the investment opportunities

Disruption is changing the face of a broad range of industries, but the incumbent companies which can adapt and evolve should not be overlooked by investors.

15FEB 2018


Where next for markets as Europe moves from recovery to expansion?

Can Europe’s economic momentum continue and how will tighter monetary policy affects investments?

13FEB 2018


Investing in India: how might reforms affect stockmarket returns?

With growth expected to have bottomed, what lies ahead for India’s stockmarket in 2018?

06FEB 2018


S&P's 4% fall: How the stockmarket has performed after big one day losses

The S&P 500 fell more than 4% on Monday, prompting the question: what next? We examine the history of sharp one-day falls.

05FEB 2018


What has driven stockmarket returns and what will drive them in future?

While the equity markets of various countries and regions have performed very similarly over the past three years, the components of returns have been very different

02FEB 2018


Six charts of the month: Trumponomics, Putin, bond yields

Tax cuts, Treasuries, the Russian election and recycling all feature among the charts that caught our eye in January.

01FEB 2018

Insurance Strategy

Not all smart beta portfolios are created equal

Insurance investors drawn to smart beta by the prospect of excess returns, lower volatility and lower fees, have begun to think in terms of combining factors rather than taking exposure to individual ones. In this article we discuss techniques to combine factors that are designed to lead to better risk/return outcomes.