Monetary Policy

14OCT 2015


October 2015 Economic Infographic

In the latest infographic Schroders economists examine the impact on the rest of the world of the slowdown in China, the effect of Europe's refugee crisis on the region's economy and the outlook for the Federal Reserve's (Fed) interest rate policy.

13OCT 2015


EuroView: Quarterly Market Insight - Q3 2015

In the first article of a regular series, Rory Bateman discusses key issues facing European equities, including the Chinese slowdown, Europe's economic prospects and the VW emissions scandal.

12OCT 2015


What is a currency war, and should investors arm themselves?

Currency wars have become a regular feature in headlines, but what exactly are they? Alan Cauberghs investigates currency wars and looks at how they affect investors.

09OCT 2015


Fixed income - monthly strategy update

Fixed Income Senior Investment Director, Alan Cauberghs, covers market movements in September as well as the core investment themes in the global multi-sector strategies, UK and European credit strategies. 

08OCT 2015


Germany faces more difficult road ahead

A postcard from.... Germany.  Chief Economist Keith Wade travelled to Frankfurt and Berlin in mid-September to meet senior officials at the ECB, Bundesbank, Finance, Economics and Labour Ministries of the German government plus a think tank. Here, he reports back on the main themes of his discussions.

06OCT 2015


Schroders Investment Weather Forecast: Global bonds continue to find support

Gareth Isaac discusses why the outlook for global bonds rests on central bank monetary policy and which areas of the market could come under pressure in the coming months.

05OCT 2015


How vulnerable are emerging markets? An expert discussion

At the recent Schroders Webconference hosted by Craig Botham, Emerging Market Economist, three emerging market investors with different perspectives discussed the outlook for the region.

05OCT 2015


Schroders Quickview: US jobs report reduces chance of imminent rate hike

Worse than expected US jobs numbers have pushed out expectations for the first Federal Reserve rate rise.


14SEP 2015


60 seconds with Johanna Kyrklund on investing in volatile markets

Johanna Kyrklund, Head of Multi-Asset Investments, comments on why recent market volatility could present an opportunity to investors who take a flexible, active investment approach.

08SEP 2015


European equities could provide haven amid global uncertainty

Financial markets markets have suffered extreme bouts of volatility, but we continue to believe European equities offer almost ‘safe haven’ status in a world of increasing economic uncertainty.