04AUG 2016


Bank of England cuts interest rates to 0.25%: what next?

The Bank of England has cut rates for the first time in seven years. We offer the latest market forecasts and assess the impact on savings and mortgages.

03AUG 2016


Will the Bank of England pull out all the stops?

Go all out or save some for later? That is the question the Bank of England (BoE) will face on Thursday 4 August.


27JUL 2016


Schroders Quickview: UK economy robust before Brexit vote

Stronger activity before the EU referendum reduces the odds of a recession in the near term.

22JUL 2016


Paying to lend? The failure of negative interest rate policy

We look at the economic and market impact of negative interest rate policy and where policymakers might head next.

22JUL 2016


Schroders Quickview: Flash UK PMI signals post-referendum slump

Private survey data suggest the UK economy has slumped since the result of the EU referendum was announced, increasing the chances of an interest rate cut in August.

21JUL 2016


UK View: The UK equity market after Brexit

In the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU, David Docherty assesses the immediate impact on UK equities and discusses the longer-term implications.

14JUL 2016


How UK interest rate predictions have shifted after the Brexit vote

Following today's announcement to hold interest rates from the Bank of England (BoE) Andrew Oxlade, Head of Editorial Content, looks at market expectations for the BoE's interest rate policy and answers five crucial questions:

08JUL 2016


Post-Brexit: Has it become more important to invest in value stocks?

The Brexit verdict sent tremors through world stockmarkets. The sell-off may have sharpened the appetite for so-called “value stocks”.

04JUL 2016


How Brexit moved markets: five essential charts explained

When the UK voted for Brexit the market didn’t like it. It fell sharply, but within days the FTSE 100 was back above its pre-Brexit levels. So, what should investors take away from the events of the last week?