07MAR 2017


Monthly markets review - February 2017

An overview of markets in February 2017 when equities drew support from generally improving macroeconomic data.

02MAR 2017


60 seconds on the prospects for commodities in 2017

Geoff Blanning discusses how the best-performing commodities in 2017 are likely to differ from those of 2016.


28FEB 2017


City smog is flipping the switch to electric vehicles

Climate change isn’t just about the weather, air pollution poses immediate and serious health problems. We look at how cities are trying to clear the air.

27FEB 2017

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

March 2017

This month our economists focus on the inflationary headwind to the global recovery, become cautiously more optimistic on Europe, and explain their more positive view on emerging markets.

17FEB 2017


Could sugar be the next big issue for investors?

In this video Schroders' ESG analyst Elly Irving looks at sugar as an investment issue and whether it will be the catalyst to turn big food into the next big tobacco.

17FEB 2017


The story of the global economy in February 2017

In this month's economic infographic we illustrate the threat to global growth posed by rising inflation and Trump's "America first" policies, as well as political risk in Europe.

10FEB 2017


Which country leads the world in climate change?

The influence of the US in the fight against climate change may be fading, but China and Europe remain committed to carbon reduction targets.

06FEB 2017


Monthly markets review - January 2017

A look back at markets in January 2017 when US equities hit fresh highs but other regions were more mixed.

02FEB 2017


How Trump’s presidency might affect your investments

There has been a lively reaction in financial markets to Donald Trump’s election win, but what might his presidency mean for investments in 2017?


31JAN 2017


Sustainable Investment Report - Q4 2016

Financial services have suffered from low trust and rising complaints. This quarter’s Sustainable Investment Report illustrates the pressures facing the industry from consumers and regulators, and what it may mean for the future.