28NOV 2016


How to prepare your portfolio for inflation

Inflation may finally be returning to Western economies, aided by the “Trumpflation effect”. We explain why, and highlight how investors can protect themselves

21NOV 2016


Marcus Brookes: How we've prepared for the return of inflation

A year ago, Marcus Brookes, Head of Multi-Manager, expected a return of inflation and invested accordingly. He now expects an added ‘Trumpflation’ effect.

18NOV 2016


One week on: how the market changed its tune on Trump

These five charts illustrate how the market’s attitude has softened towards Donald Trump’s win, but how long will it last?

16NOV 2016


A calendar of potential investment shocks on the horizon

We look at a calendar of events over the next 12 months that have the potential to shock financial markets.

09NOV 2016


Trump election victory: the view from our equities teams

Following Donald Trump’s presidential election triumph, we round up the responses of our equities desks.

09NOV 2016


How the market reacted to the US election: Four essential charts explained

Following Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election we look at the performance of gold, US healthcare stocks, the dollar and the volatility index to gauge the market’s reaction.

03NOV 2016


Are presidential elections good for US and global stockmarkets?

How have stockmarkets performed in previous election years? Our analysis points to weaker gains during the race for the White House.

02NOV 2016


Why central banks need some friction in their models

Central bankers have overlooked the adverse impact of negative rates, says Huw van Steenis, Global Head of Strategy

01NOV 2016


Sustainable Investment Report - Q3 2016

In this quarter's Sustainable Investment Report we look at new regulations aimed at preventing modern slavery and the consumer companies that could be most affected.


31OCT 2016


How the stockmarket returned 80% without moving

The FTSE 100’s record high barely beats the level of 1999, yet investors have been richly rewarded, highlighting the power of dividends.