21JUL 2016


UK View: The UK equity market after Brexit

In the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU, David Docherty assesses the immediate impact on UK equities and discusses the longer-term implications.

19JUL 2016


13 years of returns: history’s lesson for investors

This table shows how five main types of investment have performed in each of the last 13 years, underlining why diversification is so important to your portfolio.

15JUL 2016

Global Market Perspective

Q3 2016

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q3 2016. This includes a global trade research note, global strategy update on Brexit implications and a mid-year performance review.

14JUL 2016


Are there any safe haven investments left?

After nearly a decade of low interest rates and central banks pumping money into financial markets traditional safe haven investments have become expensive, so where could investors look to keep their investments safe?

13JUL 2016


Batteries: could they recharge your portfolio?

With the rise of electric cars expected to transform the automobile industry in the coming years, we are finding a multitude of investment opportunities relating to batteries.

08JUL 2016


Post-Brexit: Has it become more important to invest in value stocks?

The Brexit verdict sent tremors through world stockmarkets. The sell-off may have sharpened the appetite for so-called “value stocks”.

04JUL 2016


How Brexit moved markets: five essential charts explained

When the UK voted for Brexit the market didn’t like it. It fell sharply, but within days the FTSE 100 was back above its pre-Brexit levels. So, what should investors take away from the events of the last week?


24JUN 2016


Schroders Live – EU Referendum Special

At a special event following the result of the European Union referendum, four Schroders experts assess the possible implications of the Britain’s decision to leave the economic bloc.

24JUN 2016


Brexit: 25 years of FTSE history and what happened in the years that followed the biggest one-day falls

Our analysis shows what happens to returns over the weeks and years that follow some of the darkest days for the stockmarket.

24JUN 2016


Assessing the impact of Brexit on emerging markets

Before even considering what impact Brexit will have on emerging market equities, we need to try and be clear what Brexit means. Unfortunately we cannot, because a lot is uncertain. Here is what we do know.