04MAR 2016


Monthly markets review - February 2016

A look back at markets in February 2016 when global equities registered negative returns and Japanese stocks underperformed.

03MAR 2016


What does the oil price fall mean for income investors?

As banks begin to signal the threat to their balance sheets of bad loans to the energy sector, we look at whether the fall in the oil price could also place dividends from the “big six” oil firms at risk.


23FEB 2016


Is a shortage of dollar funding behind recent stockmarket weakness?

New regulations have seen banks and money market funds change their cash management processes. Is this contributing to a squeeze in dollar-denominated funding?

22FEB 2016


Schroders Quickview: Brexit concerns hit sterling

Sterling has fallen sharply today against major currencies as global investors woke up to the risk of Brexit.

15FEB 2016


Are financials feeling the effects of negative rates?

The Bank of Japan recently joined a handful of central banks by cutting interest rates into negative territory. Are the unintended consequences of these moves contributing to weakness in financial stocks?

12FEB 2016


Focus on long-term destination, not the bumpy ride

After another turbulent week in global markets, Rory Bateman and Nicholette MacDonald-Brown point out that the recent selloff could represent a buying opportunity for long-term investors. 

10FEB 2016


European equities: Can value close the gap to growth in 2016?

At the recent Schroders Investment Conference in London, our panel of European equities fund managers debated the prospects for growth and value investing in 2016.

04FEB 2016


Monthly markets review: January 2016

An overview of markets in January 2016 when worries over growth in China and the US, as well as volatile oil prices, put significant pressure on global equities.

02FEB 2016


Where we see market opportunities and risks

Leading Schroders fund managers, covering a variety of asset classes and regions, share their insights on a difficult market environment.


29JAN 2016

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

February 2016

In this month's viewpoint our economists discuss whether it is time to hit the panic button, the sterling's slide as political risk comes into focus and China concerns impacting emerging markets.