01APR 2016

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

April 2016

In this month's Viewpoint out top economists analyse the global economy and ask whether the panic is over, and what's next? They consider Brexit risks and whether now is the right time to buy emerging markets.


31MAR 2016


Sector focus: How energy storage could be a game changer for utilities

We assess the potential for energy storage with lithium-ion batteries and discuss where investors are likely to find good opportunities.

30MAR 2016


March 2016 Economic Infographic

This month's infographic focuses on the downward growth trend across the global economy, why Europe might provide a safe haven in an uncertain world, and investigates whether a nadir has been reached in the BRIC economies.

29MAR 2016


60 seconds with Johanna Kyrklund on QE "fatigue"

Record low interest rates and huge bond buying programs have been in place for the best part of a decade, but is the impact of quantitative easing (QE) on markets subsiding?

24MAR 2016


Can the oil price rally continue?

Following an oil price rally of nearly 50% since its February lows, we look at the main catalysts behind the move and whether the rally will last.

22MAR 2016


Are we in a bull or bear market? The multi-manager view

Robin McDonald assesses the global market environment following a start to 2016 that has been characterised by extraordinary falls by the leaders of recent years and extraordinary outperformance by the laggards

04MAR 2016


Monthly markets review - February 2016

A look back at markets in February 2016 when global equities registered negative returns and Japanese stocks underperformed.

03MAR 2016


What does the oil price fall mean for income investors?

As banks begin to signal the threat to their balance sheets of bad loans to the energy sector, we look at whether the fall in the oil price could also place dividends from the “big six” oil firms at risk.

02MAR 2016


Schroders climate change survey: economists expect inflationary impact

We surveyed economists at investment banks regarding the impact of climate change on the world economy. The results supported our own analysis that climate change represents a significant threat and will likely be inflationary, while short-termism hampers mitigation efforts.

01MAR 2016

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

March 2016

In this month's Viewpoint we update our global growth forecasts, look at Europe which has become a source of comfort in an uncertain world, and ask whether emerging markets have reached their nadir?