2016 US Presidential Election

08NOV 2016


How the US stockmarket performs after heavy one day falls

The S&P 500’s biggest falls have been followed by annual returns that average 14.9% over five years, Schroders analysis shows

07NOV 2016


How the US election is moving markets: four essential charts explained

As the race for the White House intensifies we look at the performance of gold, US healthcare stocks, the dollar and the volatility index to see who the market is backing for US president.

03NOV 2016


Are presidential elections good for US and global stockmarkets?

How have stockmarkets performed in previous election years? Our analysis points to weaker gains during the race for the White House.


20OCT 2016


Can the financial ‘misery index’ predict the next US president?

The “misery index” is a gauge of the health of the economy. It also appears to have a remarkable record of predicting who the next US president will be, but what is it telling us now?

18OCT 2016


October 2016 Economic Infographic

In this month's infographic we look at who is leading in the race to become the next US president, what the markets are pricing in and what impact the candidates' policies might have on the US economy.

17OCT 2016


60 seconds on what the US election means for equities

The race for the White House has become closely contested, but what are the main policies that investors should focus on?

12OCT 2016


US election: uncertain predictions and market risks

Marcus Brookes looks at what Brexit teaches us about trusting betting exchanges and polls in the run-up to the US election, and some of the market implications of the possible results.

12OCT 2016

Global Market Perspective

Q4 2016

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q4 2016, including our forecasts update, a look at the upcoming US election and a research note on the limits of monetary policy.

11OCT 2016


60 seconds with Keith Wade on political risk in 2017

Keith Wade looks at some of the economic implications of a Donald Trump victory.

06OCT 2016


60 seconds with Marcus Brookes on Clinton versus Trump

Marcus Brookes discusses what the two US presidential candidates might mean for investors' portfolios.