Market views

06DEC 2018


Outlook 2019: UK equities

Investors have shunned UK equities as a result of uncertainty related to Brexit. Against this backdrop, UK equities fund managers Sue Noffke and Andy Brough explain how they’re looking at the market heading into 2019.

05DEC 2018


Outlook 2019: Global bonds

The storm clouds are gathering for fixed income investors who may soon have to leave behind the quiet life which they have become accustomed to since 2008.


28NOV 2018


The “79% chance” the Santa Rally is real

Investors have begun to expect a surge in shares in the run-up to Christmas. A look back at three decades of data explains why.

26NOV 2018


Our multi-asset views for November 2018

Our asset allocation views this month include changes to our views on energy and gold.

21NOV 2018


Has the 18-year relationship between bond yields and stocks turned sour?

As stock markets fell in October, bond yields rose – bucking a long term trend. This has significant implications for how investors look at diversification.

16NOV 2018


Brexit: UK economic outlook hinges on May selling deal

We think the risk of a no-deal Brexit should mean Theresa May gets her deal through parliament. If not, the UK risks a recession next year.

13NOV 2018


Six reasons you should care about share buybacks

Share buybacks have fundamentally altered the investment landscape over recent years. This has long term consequences which investors need to be aware of.

07NOV 2018


US midterm elections: Is gridlock good?

Quickview: The US midterms have, as expected, seen the Democrats take the House with the Republicans holding the Senate. Our investment experts consider the implications for fiscal policy, trade, and the 2020 presidential election.

06NOV 2018


Mind the GARP – Growth At a Ridiculous Price

Evidence is accumulating that the market leadership of growth stocks is now fracturing. If true, it could herald a dramatic reversal in many of the trends of recent years.

01NOV 2018


Less can be more: How to improve financial reporting

The recent debate on the usefulness of quarterly reporting in the US misses the point.