05OCT 2015


How vulnerable are emerging markets? An expert discussion

At the recent Schroders Webconference hosted by Craig Botham, Emerging Market Economist, three emerging market investors with different perspectives discussed the outlook for the region.


23SEP 2015


60 seconds with Andrew Rose on volatility hitting Japanese equities

2015 has been a good year for investors in the Japanese stockmarket, but in this video fund manager Andrew Rose looks at whether the recent volatility in global markets might signal the end of the rally in Japanese shares.

16SEP 2015


Europe v UK: How safe is your yield?

In the third part of our series looking at income, this infographic illustrates the main drivers of equity yield in the UK and Europe. Rising interest rates pose a threat to stockmarkets, so we ask what drives the yields of UK and European markets and assess the safety of these income streams.

09SEP 2015


60 seconds with Martin Skanberg on European equities' appeal

Martin Skanberg, European Equities Fund Manager, provides an update on eurozone companies, identifying the key drivers supporting an attractive outlook.

08SEP 2015


European equities could provide haven amid global uncertainty

Financial markets markets have suffered extreme bouts of volatility, but we continue to believe European equities offer almost ‘safe haven’ status in a world of increasing economic uncertainty.

07SEP 2015


Schroders Live - Short-term volatility: long-term views

The latest Schroders Live event, hosted by FT Associate Editor Wolfgang Munchau, saw Rory Bateman, Johanna Kyrklund, Gareth Isaac and Matthew Dobbs discuss the recent economic shock in China and the impact of slower growth on the global economy.

07SEP 2015


60 seconds with Allan Conway on emerging market volatility

Schroders Head of Emerging Market Equities Allan Conway discusses why he remains optimistic over the outlook for emerging markets despite recent volatility induced by worries over China.

04SEP 2015


Monthly markets review - August 2015

A review of markets in August 2015, when worries over a Chinese economic slowdown sparked significant volatility.


26AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: Where next for Asian bonds?

The slowdown in China ignores the region’s broader strengths.

25AUG 2015


Schroders Quickview: Growth and deflation realisation behind Asian sell-off

Structural worries on a number of fronts have sparked sharp falls in Asian stocks.