28JUL 2015


Schroders Quickview: As UK growth rebounds, are rate rises on the horizon?

Following a rebound in UK GDP, Schroders Senior European Economist & Strategist Azad Zangana expects the Bank of England to raise interest rates in early 2016 and at a faster pace than markets anticipate.

28JUL 2015


Multi-Asset Insights: Are emerging markets prepared for the eventual US rate hike?

As the Federal Reserve looks to normalise monetary conditions we look at the potential impact on emerging market (EM) liquidity from three angles: external, domestic and equity positioning.

23JUL 2015


Seeking Income: Exploring Europe's dividend culture

With investors increasingly turning their attention to income-generating equities, we explore some features of income investing in Europe as well as current opportunities.

22JUL 2015


The Sentiment Cycle: Studying the behaviour of market participants

Sentiment moves in long-term cycles; emotion, investor positioning and press coverage all change as an asset progresses through its life cycle. The graphic below takes you through the eight stages of the sentiment cycle.

14JUL 2015


60 seconds with Marcus Brookes on the end of China’s longest bull market

The Chinese stockmarket has been hit by a significant correction after a meteoric rise. Marcus Brookes, Head of Multi-Manager, takes a look at what triggered the gains and the subsequent weakness.

13JUL 2015

Global Market Perspective

Q3 2015

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q3 2015: Looking ahead, we see a pick-up in global activity as the US bounces back from a weak first quarter and growth in Japan and Europe resumes.

13JUL 2015


Where next for the Chinese stockmarket?

Following the extreme recent stockmarket volatility, our Global Emerging Markets Equities team examines what’s been happening in the Chinese stockmarket and assesses the road ahead.

09JUL 2015


Schroders Quickview: Correction in Chinese shares highlights irrational exuberance

The liquidity-driven rally in the China market has finally ended with a crash. Here, we analyse what has happened and what may lie ahead.

08JUL 2015


Schroders Quickview: China's crashing stockmarket could hurt economic growth

China’s market has provided perhaps the most exciting ride for investors so far this year. The composite index was at one point up almost 60% since the start of the year, easily outpacing the rest of emerging markets and indeed the rest of the world, but its fortunes have since turned.

01JUL 2015

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

June 2015

In this month's Viewpoint Schroders economists investigate the impact of lower global growth, the risks of UK wage inflation on interest policy, and the potential fallout of a Greek exit from the eurozone.