10APR 2015


Quarterly markets review - Q1 2015

A look back at markets in Q1 2015, which saw the European Central Bank embark on full quantitative easing.


31MAR 2015

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

March 2015

Schroders senior economists look at whether or not low interest rates are a sign of secular stagnation, if political paralysis in the UK will slow austerity, and the state of trading conditions in emerging markets. The infographic summarizes the main document.

12MAR 2015


Schroders Investment Weather Forecast: Global equity outlook finely balanced

The outlook for global equities in 2015 is finely balanced. While a strong US recovery and falling oil prices are supportive of global equity performance, concerns in Europe and emerging economies like Brazil may weigh on sentiment.

11MAR 2015


Schroders Investment Weather Forecast: US shines in mixed outlook for multi-asset

In 2015 we see a mixed weather front across multiple asset classes and regions, with diverging monetary policy and stretched valuations.

04MAR 2015


Monthly markets review - February 2015

February 2015 was a bullish month for Global markets as investors feasted on falling oil prices, the ECB’s unprecedented liquidity injection into the euro zone, and fought back having initially feared the fallout of Greece’s election result.

03MAR 2015

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

February 2015

Schroders senior economists see risks of deflation in the eurozone and a hard landing in China but upside potential from a G7 boom, lower energy prices and fiscal stimulus in the eurozone.


26FEB 2015


Has the outperformance of US equities reached a tipping point?

US equities have enjoyed robust gains in recent years, but will the strength of the US dollar, lower commodity prices and cheaper valuations elsewhere mean that investors will find better value in in other international stock markets?

24FEB 2015


Global growth set to surprise in 2015

In this infographic Schroders economists take a look at the major events that could impact on the global economy in 2015 and forecast the potential outcomes.

16FEB 2015


Schroders Responsible Investment Report Q4 2014

In the latest Schroders Responsible Investment Report: banks' new approach to risk; corporate tax; carbon action and ESG engagement with BHP Billiton and Debenhams.

11FEB 2015


60 seconds with Gareth Isaac on the 2015 outlook for global fixed income markets

Gareth Isaac, Fixed Income Fund Manager at Schroders, gives his views on global fixed income markets in 2015.