24NOV 2014


Outlook 2015: Multi-asset investments

In recent years we have danced to the central bankers' tune. With rates pinned at 0% we correctly judged that the path of least resistance, for developed equities in particular, was up. As we move into 2015, however, it might be time to sit some of the dances out.

20NOV 2014


Outlook 2015: Multi-Manager

Investors need to prepare for lower returns in the next few years, with a focus on capital preservation appearing prudent in the current environment

19NOV 2014


Healthcare: an innovation injection

Healthcare has been one of the best performing global sectors year-to-date, which begs the question: how much further can it go? John Bowler argues that ongoing innovation from medical companies will continue to drive strong performance in the sector and highlights a few key areas where this is already occurring.

18NOV 2014


Outlook 2015: Global Bonds

With volatility in bond markets likely to continue its comeback in 2015, opportunities for fixed income investors will emerge.

14NOV 2014


How close are we to the end of the credit cycle?

With corporate bonds likely to offer little more than their coupon return, is it time to short the asset class?

06NOV 2014


Monthly markets review - October 2014

An overview of markets in October 2014.


31OCT 2014

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

October 2014

In this month's Viewpoint: Low inflation bewitches central banks, The Rocky Horror Euro Show, China: No tricks up their sleeve, no treats on offer, and Views at a glance.

16OCT 2014

Global Market Perspective

Q4 2014

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q4 2014

06OCT 2014


Quarterly markets review - Q3 2014

An overview of markets in Q3 2014


30SEP 2014

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

September 2014

In this month's Viewpoint: USD breakout: causes and consequences, UK: Back to business, Brazil: Up the Amazon without a paddle and Views at a glance.